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Bucs On Fire: Pro-Am Bucs Secure 12-2 Win over LA Legends

In a highly anticipated matchup, the Pro-Am Bucs clashed against the LA Legends at Los Angeles Valley College on Thursday, July 6th at 4pm. The game, spanning 8 intense innings, showcased the Bucs' dominance on the diamond. With a stellar record of 15-5 heading into the game, the Bucs aimed to continue their winning ways against the familiar opponent they had previously faced twice this season.

The final game score stood at 12-2, firmly in favor of the Pro-Am Bucs over the Legends. Standout performances from Matthew Leiterman, Brodie Romero, Cider Canon, and Carson Panarisi showcased their exceptional batting and base-running skills, propelling the team to victory.

Third baseman Matthew Leiterman led the charge for the Pro-Am Bucs, delivering an outstanding performance at the plate. With 2 runs, 2 hits, including a powerful triple, and an RBI, Leiterman played a pivotal role in the team's dominant victory. Brodie Romero also made a significant impact, contributing 2 runs on 1 hit and 1 RBI. Romero's exceptional plate discipline was evident as he drew two walks, and his lone hit was an impressive triple. Cider Canon displayed his versatility with a stellar offensive display, tallying three hits, one run, one RBI, and two stolen bases, adding an extra spark to the team's performance. Carson Panarisi also made notable contributions with 2 hits, one run, and one RBI, further solidifying the Bucs' offensive firepower.

Pitcher Moses Escobedo showcased his exceptional control on the mound, delivering a strong performance. With an impressive 6 innings pitched, Escobedo allowed only 2 hits, struck out 8 batters, and conceded no runs. This set the tone for the Bucs' defensive excellence and gave the defense confidence to close out the game.

The Pro-Am Bucs' dominance extended beyond individual performances, with the team exhibiting remarkable cohesion and execution. Their collective effort yielded a staggering 12 runs on 13 hits, with only 1 error throughout the game. In contrast, the LA Legends struggled to keep up, managing only 2 runs on 4 hits, compounded by 4 costly errors.

The game unfolded with the Bucs' relentless offensive barrage, scoring early and maintaining a commanding lead. Their consistent scoring in the 1st, 5th, and 6th innings propelled them to an 8-0 advantage. While the LA Legends broke through in the 7th inning with 2 runs, it proved insufficient as the Bucs continued their offensive onslaught, tacking on 4 more runs in the final inning to secure a resounding 12-4 victory.

With this win, the Pro-Am Bucs further solidified their season standings, boasting an impressive 16-5 record and riding a remarkable 5-game win streak. Their exceptional performance not only highlighted their dominance on the field but also instilled confidence for their upcoming games. The Bucs' next challenge awaits on Saturday, July 8th at 4pm against the Arroyo Seco Sentinels at Los Angeles Valley College.

Stay tuned for more exciting Pro-Am Bucs action and follow their journey as they continue to make their mark on the baseball diamond.


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Box Score Pro-Am Bucs vs LA Legends july6
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