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CSUN Matador All-Big West Conference Performer Hired as GCCL Bucs Assistant Coach

The Ventura County Pirates have hired 2021 Cal State University of Northridge (CSUN) graduate and six-year Matadors player Jayson Newman as an assistant coach for the GCCL Bucs.

“It’s a great opportunity,” Newman said.

Newman still has playing options on the table, but also has a deep rooted interest in coaching.

“We’ll see what happens with the draft and professional baseball, but I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to coach,” Newman said. “The Pirates gave me a good opportunity to start on that path.”

Newman was a two-way player during his career at CSUN, batting and playing first base as well as toeing the rubber for the Matadors. His versatility as a player gives him a thorough understanding of the game which makes him highly valuable as a coach.

“I still know a lot about hitting and a fair amount about pitching, and just being fresh out of college I’m able to connect with the kids and take them through my experiences,” Newman said.

Newman earned a All-Big West Conference second team designation in 2021. He drove in a career-high 36 runs last season and led the team with a .466 on-base percentage. During his career at CSUN, Newman put up a .300/.483/.389 slash-line with 13 home runs and 70 RBI . He also pitched 46 innings during his time with the Matadors to the tune of a 3-3 record.

Newman and the GCCL Bucs will open their 2021 season with an away game against the California Bucs Friday, June 11th at 3:00pm.


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