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Athletic Training Intern

The Ventura County Pirates Baseball Club, a collegiate wood bat summer baseball team playing games at Los Angeles Valley College, in Los Angeles, California, seeks interns passionate about baseball to oversee all medical issues and emergencies that occur during home games.


They will be required to work closely with site directors and staff. Athletic Trainers must follow all Department of Health rules and regulations. Student aides must be under the direct visual supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer when working with any of the athletes. The amount of hands-on athletic training work will be determined by previous experience and the ability to demonstrate a knowledge of and ability to perform whatever treatment or evaluation technique you are wanting to administer.


This position requires attendance at all home games, applicants are expected to work five (5) hours per game. This includes pre-game, in-game and post-game.

Duties for the Athletic internship will consist of, but not be limited to:


 Attend all Pirates home games
 Set up both dugouts prior to the game (and clean up after) 
 Make sure the coolers and bottles are clean from the previous use 
 Fill the water jugs with ice and water, provide cups and/or water bottles 
 Fill a cooler with injury ice 
 Set up the athletic training equipment by the home dugout (ex: treatment table, medical kit, etc.) 
 Assist with pre-game and post-game treatments (ex. taping, stretching, manual therapies, ice application, etc.) 
 Provide basic Wound Care 
 Assist with rehabilitation exercises 
 Assist with emergency response 
 Maintain healthcare privacy and confidentiality. 

Requirements: Must be at least a college student with a preferred major in Athletic Training or Kinesiology and have at least 2 years of experience in the related field. Athletic Trainers should have a current certificate in Responding to Emergency first aid issued by the American Red Cross and must have successfully completed a CPR course within the past year.

 Stipend – Open and Negotiable
 College students can earn college credit. Accepted interns need to pre-arrange with their respective academic departments at their college/university to ensure a specific internship opportunity meets academic credit requirements.
 Meals – Interns will have meals provided when on the road traveling with players.
 Attire – Interns will be provided with team logo apparel to wear at games.

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