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It has been my privilege to work closely with George Vranau over the past 11 years.  George is an accomplished coach, teacher, scout and developer of young people, aspiring to enhance their baseball experience. I have had numerous players from my high school team participate on his collegiate teams.  All have spoken extremely well of their experience.  George has given valuable information not only regarding the game of baseball but, development of pathways to successes in life.

Far too many athletes settle for just completing a task or being done with practice.  George has a unique ability to motivate his players to choose, on their own, to take every opportunity as a gift and excel. He invests time in knowing his team and each individual because he cares deeply in their progress. Life isn’t fair and not everyone gets a trophy, George understands that everything has to be earned, which sets young men on a road to success.

George promotes education, builds relationships and instructs with a discipline manner that allows players to discover their passion about the game of baseball.  So many coaches today are all about the money.  I have had numerous players participate in other programs and come back hurt or with an entitled demeanor.  This creates animosity and difficulty for me.  The players under George’s guidance come back hungry and ready to compete. It is without reservation, that I would endorse any young player wanting to improve his stock (as George does an exceptional job of moving players on) and improve his overall game.


Mike Voelkel
Head Baseball Coach,
Palisades Charter High School



We are so thrilled to place our players with George Vranau and his Pirates ball club. He understands the blending of player development and teaching players to compete and how to win. He requires his players to respect the game and work hard.

Coach Vranau inspires players to be the best players they can be within their skill set. He lets the players play and learn from their mistakes. Vranau is the perfect example of a players' coach.

Sending players to Coach Vranau's program allows our players to see the big picture of the game. Our players are better because of Coach Vranau.

Bill Sizemore
Pitching Coach
Whitman College


As a former player, and now owner of my own sports academy [ThunderCat Sports Academy], I would highly recommend players to play for Coach Vranau and the Ventura County Pirates program. Coach Vranau also helped kick start my own professional baseball career by recommending me to an independent baseball organization. I will continue to pay it forward and give my players the opportunity to play baseball at a high level.

Chase Davis
ThunderCat Sports Academy



I graduated from JuCo (LA Valley College), now I’m playing at an NAIA school in North Dakota (Valley City State University). Thank you for the opportunity letting me play on your team. It was worth every penny, your coaches were working with me and helping me so much.

Gedeon Ellis

Ventura County Buccaneers, 2019

One of my favorite times of the year was just after the free agent draft in June. Scouts were starting into their summer coverages, watching the summer League teams play. Evaluating talented baseball players from around the country, observing a players physical and mental capabilities as well as instincts to play at a higher level.  Some players use the time to take a little vacation or just play as if they were going through the motions. I've always found it interesting to watch what really drives a player. The true competitors come out and challenge their abilities even when they think that no one is watching. They were always working on their game, trying to get better, and this is where Coach Vranau and his teams always excelled.

Over the years, watching George's Ventura County Pirates play, I knew that no matter the outcome, there was going to be a well-played and hard-fought game.  Observing a team of players that genuinely loved to be on the field and compete. Just like their coach, everyone on the team came to play and you could see the competitive fire that drove them. Coach George is a coach who has a teacher's heart, and he adds to that the eye of an experienced scout. He can help you learn to use your mental approach to sharpen your game play and physical skills. He also gives you the freedom to test your abilities and hone your instincts to guide you into becoming a more complete baseball player. After playing for Coach Vranau, your awareness and feel for the game will increase and you’ll see what it takes to compete in every ball and strike call of 9 innings. Maybe for a couple of you reading this, George will reignite that competitive fire and remind you of why you love the game.

Dan Huston

Major League Baseball Scout, 30+ years - retired


In the summer of 2023 we were approached by a friend who was coach of the Ventura Pirates about being a sponsor family to a college athlete playing on the team. When we welcomed Dan into our home we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we quickly found him to be not only very thoughtful and helpful but also a great mentor to our young boys who were 12 and 10. Ascher and Arlan still keep in touch with Dan and the work ethic necessary to be a student athlete definitely rubbed off on them.

I could not be a greater advocate for the Pirates program and look forward to hosting another athlete this summer.

Andrew Ruf

Host Family


The VC Baseball Club was an important part of my development as a baseball player. I was provided with numerous opportunities to play against high level players and in front of many college coaches and pro scouts. Many of my teammates who were still looking for a school in the summer were provided with the opportunities which eventually lead to us finding our schools for that upcoming fall.

Kyle Soberano

Former Player Signed with Grand Junction Jackalopes (Pioneer League)

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