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Thank you!

We appreciate your interest and hospitality. If you have any questions, concerns, please contact George Vranau at or (805) 501-0470

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What must I provide for the player(s) I host?
At the very least, families are required to supply players with a private room, their own bed, access to laundry and access to the kitchen. Providing the players with food and access to the internet is not required but is acceptable and encouraged.

Am I expected to provide my player with transportation?
No. Several of the players will drive their own cars, and for those who don’t, the team will make arrangements, so transportation is always available to them. You can, however, provide a car or rides if you’d like.

How long will the players require housing?
Players will arrive on or around June 1, and the season will span until July 31.

Can I host more than one player?
Yes! Those that would like to host multiple players are invited to do so.


Can I choose which player I board?

No; however, we will do our best to accommodate specific requests.

Who can I contact if I’m interested in hosting a player(s)?
George Vranau at (805) 501-0470 or at

Under what guidelines will the players abide by?

The athletes are expected to respond to each family’s rules, whether it’s a curfew, cleanliness standards or assigned chores. Summer baseball is like a “road test” for what it’s like to be in professional baseball. It is stressed that they are being judged not just on athletic performance, but the positive image they put forth.



What is a player itinerary like?

Each team will play a 40 -game regular season schedule, and if the team qualifies for the playoffs, they are expected to participate in the playoffs. As a general rule, the team has 5 games per week and are expected to be at the field for early afternoon warm-ups and batting practice. When they travel, they’ll be departing late morning.


Am I required to attend the games?

No. Many of the families come to support the team and the player(s) they are hosting, but it is not required.

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