Earn College Credit as a

Buccaneers Broadcast Intern


         The Ventura County Pirates and Buccaneers are proud to announce a new opportunity for students to learn about the world of sports broadcasting, in partnership with Los Angeles Valley College.

Whether you are interested in becoming a play-by-play announcer, color commentator, field reporter, or even working behind the scenes as an engineer or a podcast producer, as a Pirates Broadcast Intern, you will learn the ropes for all of these roles under the supervision of our highly approachable and experienced staff.

LA Valley College conveniently offers three levels of Broadcasting Field Work courses.  If you are interested in this unique opportunity, email your résumé, cover letter email, and/or any questions to bmellblom.pirates@gmail.com.

For credit at LA Valley College, you may register for Broadcasting 81, 82, or 83 for FALL 2021, and your work this summer will count toward those courses in the Fall.
Email Jason Beaton at kvcm@lavc.edu with any questions about registration and the Broadcasting discipline at LAVC.