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Baseball Analytics & Official Scorer Intern

The Ventura County Pirates Baseball Club, a collegiate wood bat summer baseball team playing games at Los Angeles Valley College, in Los Angeles, California, seeks interns with strong knowledge and understanding of the rules and scoring of baseball and strong math and analytical skills as applied to the game of baseball.

Learning Objectives:
•    Baseball Analytics / Official Scorers will learn and master the use of iScore, the official real-time statistics and sports league management system used by the VC Pirates and the Sunset Baseball League.
•    Interns will learn to utilize player past performances to assist the general manager and head coach to capitalize on player strengths and tendencies.
•    Interns will learn to use analytics to properly scout opponents to recognize trends and tendencies.
•    By the end of the internship, students should have gained exceptional knowledge in baseball analytics and official game scoring of baseball.

This position requires attendance at home and road games, (40 games spanning from June through early August) applicants are expected to work four (4) to five (5) hours per game. This includes pre-game, in-game and post-game analysis of data, charting, acting as the official scorer for assigned games, providing broadcast team with useful data and other duties assigned by the general manager and head coach. 


Candidates chosen for this position will work within a team atmosphere with two (2) or three (3) others. Road game assignments will be divided equally within the department staff. Any lodging and per diem costs while on road game assignments will be provided by the team.

Ideal candidates will have knowledge of how to keep score of a baseball game, make quick judgements on the fly during a game, knowledge of the iScore scoring system and an understanding of how to take statistical data and translate it to meaningful information to be used by coaches and the General Manager.

Duties for the Analytics & Official Scorer will consist of, but not be limited to:

•    Reports directly to the Head Coach
•    Works in conjunction with General Manager
•    Attend all home and road games
•    Officially score home and road games
•    Gather baseball statistics and provide analysis
•    Design and test predictive models
•    Interpret data to assist team with player decisions

Preferred Skills
•    Familiarity with iScore software recommended
•    Strong math and analytical skills
•    Strong knowledge of baseball including rules and scoring


• Stipend - $300.00

• College students can earn college credit. Accepted interns need to pre-arrange with their respective academic departments at their college/university to ensure a specific internship opportunity meets academic credit requirements.

• Meals – Interns will have meals provided when on the road traveling with players.

• Attire – Interns will be provided with team logo apparel to wear at games.

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