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Bucs Fall Just Short in OC

a right handed batter in a grey jersey looks out to right field as he extends his bat behind him and begins to run out of the box
Rowan Teran swings at a pitch against the Quakes at LA Valley College July 14, 2022. Photo by Maddy Whiting

On Friday July 15, 2022 the VC Bucs took a tough 5-4 loss against the OC Legends at La Quinta High School.

The game was marked by an atmosphere of strangeness, with small unlikely eventslike the outfield walls moving defined the whole game. There were a couple instances of plays where the ball should have left the field but didn’t because the outfielders pushed the wall back when jumping and caught it.

Coach Evan O’Meara talked about one time when Centerfielder Kai Moran “hit a rocket shot right at the first baseman while we were trying to steal a base” as another example of the Bucs luck. The batted ball resulted in an unfortunate double play.

But there were a lot of good signs including a two run home run from Rowan Teran for his second of the year.. The Bucs pitching also looked pretty good, which as Coach O’Meara pointed out was not given help by Buc’s defense.

The Bucs will look to end their four game loss streak and take a season sweep over the Field Rats on Sunday, July 16 at Valley College at 4:30.

Sidney Stern


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