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Bucs Improve Postseason standing, Beat Arroyo Seco Royals By 9 at Home

A right handed hitter in a grey jersey extends his bat down the third base line as he swings.
Bucs catcher Dominik Cervantez swings against the Arroyo Seco Royals at LA Valley College July 23, 2022. Photo by Maddy Whiting

The SBL Bucs had some crazy power with them giving themselves at 17-8 win at Valley College against the Arroyo Seco Royals at home on Saturday July 23, 2022. The victory secures the fifth of six seeds at worst for the Bucs in the SBL playoffs.

The game started off slowly for the Bucs getting down 3-2 after the top of the fourth inning. But the bottom of the fourth inning is where everything happened. Eight runs and six hits later the Bucs were up 10-3. Rowan Teran came up big with a 2 RBI single in the inning along with Jack Bickerton, Thomas Keller, and Noah Nichols who all had RBI singles.

After that the Bucs couldn’t stop hitting, the 7th and final offensive inning saw a three run home run from one of the Bucs’s players of the game Mason Kim. When asked about his approach he talked about how he doesn’t get very many at bats so he was just swinging freely.

The second player of the game was Sam Grunberg who came in as a substitute during the 6th inning. He went 2 for 2 with a home run and a single. When asked about his performance he said “it was a lot of fun, especially coming back to the team after a week off”.

The SBL Bucs next play the East LA Dodgers at Valley College on Sunday July 24, 2022 at 4:30 pm.


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