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Bucs Sweep PFA Braves in Doubleheader

A pitcher in a black jersey strides forward, ball raised above his head and behind his shoulders in his right hand. His right leg is stretched behind him as he begins to hurl the ball forward.
The GCCL Bucs swept the PFA Braves in a league doubleheader Saturday, June 11, 2022. Photo by Tess Holbert

The GCCL Bucs claimed a doubleheader sweep against the PFA Braves on June 11, 2022 at Carson High School.

The Bucs took their first win after only playing five innings ending after the ten run rule with a score of 11-1. The Bucs pitching staff dominated the Braces in the first game, allowing only one earned run and conceding just three hits in five innings pitched.

“we weren’t to worried with our pitching, but we were hoping our arms would hold up, and they were abled to do more than that,” Bucs head coach Ruben Navoa said.

Navoa was equally impressed with the Bucs’ early offense. Ventura County took a commanding 10-0 lead after three innings.

The player of the game, catcher Michael Choi, attacked the Braves going 1-2 with a walk and a stolen base while knocking in the first run of the game. When asked about his performance he talked about his pitch selection which was a very common theme in talking to the players. If they saw a fastball they were gonna hit it.

Game 2 was comparatively a tight affair ending with a score of 9-6 in seven innings in favor of Ventura County. The offense again came out swinging, with the player of the game, catcher Alex Howard, putting a show on going 2-3 with a walk. Howard hit a triple and sparked the four-run sixth inning with a bunt single showing off his offensive versatility.

When asked about his approach on both at bats, he gave me a similar response to his fellow catcher.

“I was just looking for a fastball, and when I was able to get one I went for it.”

Another thing Coach Ruben touched on was the aggressive base running the Bucs showed. In the 12 innings of the double header, the Bucs stole 15 bases. According to Navoa it was both an aggressive plan from first base coach Eric Carrero and pure instinct from the players.

The GCCL Bucs play the LA Mission on Wednesday June 15, 2022 at El Cariso Park in Sylmar.

Sidney Stern


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