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Former Pirates Announcer Kyle Serra Hired by Lake Elsinore Storm

A recent Cal State Northridge graduate and former PA and broadcast voice of the Pirates, Kyle Serra has moved up to the Minor Leagues as the new Broadcast Director for the Lake Elsinore Storm.

Kyle began working with the Pirates as a public address announcer in 2018, while he was still a student at Los Angeles Valley College. At that time, he was the PA announcer for Long Beach State Ice Hockey, and connected with Brian Mellblom to sub for him at some UCLA and CSUN Ice Hockey games. From there, Brian showed him the ropes for baseball PA announcing at some LA Valley College games, and that naturally led to the Pirates, ultimately getting the PA mic for Game 1 of the 2018 Sunset League Championship.

Kyle returned to the Pirates in 2019 mostly for more PA work and a little taste of broadcast commentary as well. He says he has always wanted to be some kind of announcer ever since he was a kid, and while he enjoys the fast pace of ice hockey, he equally enjoys the relaxed pace of baseball and grew quite comfortable with the role.

On his PA and music work, Pirates GM George Vranau says he always knew when Kyle was in the scorebooth, as his distinctive mix of music was always lively, upbeat, and never too quiet. George says “it's not surprising that Kyle would get this opportunity with the Storm...he has such a passion for it and really brings an exciting vibe to his work. It's infectious to everyone around him and you can't help but get caught up in it and be excited also!”

Assistant GM Robert Hollar also spoke highly of Kyle, saying he has a natural gift for his craft, and his proficiency is a natural byproduct of his commitment to it, adding, “What remains surprising is his humility. He is always an enjoyable human being to talk to, and a lifelong friend.”

Armed with a Cinema and Television Arts degree and his own experience hosting and producing his own live streams, Kyle will be responsible for producing the Storm’s home broadcasts, which can be viewed on all season long. As for his next move, Kyle says he’s just “riding the wave.” He says he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do in media before attending CSUN, but has discovered his affinity for short-form and industrial videos, hoping to be an in-house producer for a large company. And of course, he is excited to see where his new Storm gig leads, especially considering their affiliation with the San Diego Padres.

When the Storm are on the road for the weekend, you can catch Kyle hosting interactive game shows on his Twitch channel:


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