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  • Alex Roth

Natasha Cohen Makes History as first Female player in Pirates Organization

A left handed female baseball player looks into left field as she extends her bat behind her on the follow through of a swing. She wears a black jersey with grey pants.
Ventura County Bucs infielder/pitcher Natasha Reyes follows through on a swing against the LA Mission Eagles at El Cariso Park July 5, 2022. Photo by Maddy Whiting

This season the Ventura County Pirates organization made history and it wasn’t from hitting a record number of home runs or striking out a record amount of batters. It came from Natasha Cohen stepping onto the field for the GCCL Bucs, becoming the first female player in Pirates history.

Cohen joined the Bucs after receiving the opportunity from VC Pirates Baseball Club General Manager George Vranau.

“I actually know someone that is friendly with George, and he let me know that this was a team that I could possibly be playing for,” Cohen said.

Cohen has made several appearances for the Bucs thus far this season, playing as an extra hitter/infielder and reaching base several times already in just a few games played. While many girls her age are playing softball, she has always loved baseball.

“I like the energy better in general for baseball, I get along with guys a lot better as well,” Cohen said. “Baseball has just always been like a passion for me, I grew up with only boy cousins and they all played, so it was kind of just bound to happen for me to play as well.” After playing in high school, Cohen wanted to continue playing baseball and pursuing her passion.

“I want to go as far as I can, at first my goal was to play high school baseball, I completed that goal,” Reyes said. “I played all four years of varsity baseball at Hoover High School.”

Cohen has pitched throughout her baseball career and plans to continue doing so with the Bucs this summer. While she isn’t quite sure what her next steps will be after the Pirates’ organization, she does have one goal in mind.

“I’m planning on playing baseball at La Valley College, I’m still in their summer program right now,” Reyes said. “I’m still figuring everything out, but my goal is to ultimately play there.”

Cohen's time with the Bucs thus far has not only given her an opportunity to pursue her baseball dreams but also been welcoming and enjoyable. The community she has joined with the Bucs has been an important part of her first time playing summer collegiate baseball.

“Honestly all the guys are super welcoming, and I like that Coach Reuben is a really nice guy,” Cohen said. “I like that he jokes around with the kid and he’s a comfortable guy to be around.

While Cohen is not sure what her baseball future may hold, the Bucs have helped her work towards her goal of playing at LAVC, and made history that is perhaps more important than any record on the field in the process.


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