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Pirates Loose Nailbiter in Alaska

A shot of a player in white pants and a red jersey taken from a low angle facing the outfield. The player slides on his left side, left leg bent and the camera faces his chest with the outfield wall in the background. The player looks at his feet, finding the bag, as an opposing player in a blue jersey stands above him waiting to catch and throw.
Lee Brandzel Slides Safely into second base against the SoCal Shepherds June 10 2022, Photo by Izzy De Souza

The VC Pirates lost the first game of the series in a nail biter to the Alaska Goldpanners 5-4 on June 12, 2022 in Fairbanks Alaska.

The Pirates showed their no-quit mentality after a late-game rally after trailing 5-1 in the early parts of the game.​​ Their offense rallied in the late stages of the game and shut out their opponents after the fourth inning.

The Pirates had their chances, leaving the tying run stranded on second in the ninth. The VC Pirates Player of the Game was Ryan Camacho who had a couple hits which included an RBI double to cut the Goldpanners’ lead down to one in the top of the 9th. He was 2-4 with two RBI to his name.

The Pirates again showed off their aggressive baserunning stealing a total of three bases, two of them coming from Ryan’s brother Jovan Camacho.

The VC Pirates fell to the Goldpanners again 7-2 Monday night. Jacob Macofsky will have the recap. Game three of the series takes place June 14 at 7:30pm PST.

Sidney Stern


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