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Pro-Am Bucs Cruise to Victory over Redbirds

Los Angeles Valley College, Tuesday, June 6th, 4 pm - In a regular-season contest at Los Angeles Valley College, the Pro-Am Bucs clashed with the Redbirds in their third game of the year. With an undefeated 2-0 record, the Bucs aim to continue their winning streak after defeating the Redbirds 14-3 in their previous match.

The Pro-Am Bucs asserted their dominance again, emerging victorious with a commanding 9-2 final score. The game ended in the top of the 9th inning, as the Bucs maintained a significant lead throughout.

Andrew Sharp, the designated hitter, put on a standout performance for the Bucs. In the second inning, Sharp crushed a three-run home run, securing three crucial RBIs. This marked his only hit of the game, following his two-run homer against the Redbirds in their previous encounter. Sharp's consistent power at the plate proved to be a thorn in the Redbirds' side.

On the mound, Moises Escobedo won for the Bucs, throwing 5 innings. He showcased his prowess by recording 7 strikeouts, allowing 3 hits and 1 run. Matthew Leiterman also contributed to the team's pitching success, throwing 2 innings and tallying 5 strikeouts, while giving up 1 hit and 1 run.

The Bucs seized control of the game in the second inning, scoring 6 runs. The team's relentless offense saw 9 batters come up to the plate, with 6 reaching base and scoring. In the following inning, they added two more runs, further extending their lead. The Redbirds broke their scoring drought in the 6th and 8th innings, scoring one run each.

The Bucs showcased their confidence on the base path, stealing 5 bases throughout the contest. Brodie Romero and Brandon Whiting were instrumental in this aspect, each stealing two bases. Notably, they executed back-to-back steals of both second and third base, with Romero achieving the feat in the 7th inning after hitting a single, and Whiting replicating the effort in the 8th inning after drawing a walk.

The Redbirds struggled to contain the Bucs' offensive onslaught, hitting 4 Bucs batters throughout the game. They surrendered 9 runs on 13 hits, while the Redbirds managed only 5 hits.

In a testament to the Bucs' depth, every run scored was driven in by a different player, with 9 different players crossing the plate.

The Pro-Am Bucs' victory solidified their undefeated record at 3-0, with two dominant wins against the Redbirds. The team's performance in both games highlighted their potential to make a significant impact this season.

Looking ahead, the Bucs' next challenge will come against the Sliders on Thursday, June 8th, at 4 pm. This is once again at Los Angeles Valley College. As the Bucs continue their run, fans eagerly anticipate another thrilling contest.

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Box Score Redbirds vs Ventura County Bucs Jun-6-2023
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Scorebook Redbirds vs Ventura County Bucs Jun-6-2023
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