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SBL Bucs hold First Practice of 2022

Thomas Keller, with with a slight grimace of effort under a red VC hat, levels his shoulders for balance and strides towards his target as he begins a throw from third base.
Thomas Keller starts a throw. Photo by Izzy de Souza

The 2022 SBL Bucs took their home field at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) for the first time on Friday. The long-awaited day marked the first time that all the players familiarized themselves with each other and the field.

The Bucs saw a familiar face with Thomas Keller coming back for his second year with the Bucs. Keller experienced even more of a homecoming than many of his teammates, as he formerly played for the LAVC Monarchs during the academic season.

Directed by returning Associate head coaches Evan O’Meara and Bobby Livingston, the team took BP, showing some major pop in their bats. They also took some grounders, showcasing some amazing catches and athletic throws off the fast LAVC turf.

Livingston was impressed by what he saw.

“Though there are some guys who have not been able to come out… those who have made it out are PHENOMENAL. I am really excited about where I am right now and can’t wait to get into some game time action,” he said.

The SBL Bucs play their first game of the 2022 summer season against the Arroyo Seco Royals on June 9th, 4pm, at LAVC.

Written by Sidney Stern


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