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SBL Stay Red Hot Against the OC Legends

A player in a grey jersey slides safely into home as a catcher in an orange Jersey dives towards him with the ball. A pitcher stands above the play
Sam Grunberg slides safely into home against the OC Legends at LA Valley College on June 26, 22. Photo by Maddy Whiting

The SBL Bucs stayed hot on June 26, 2022 at LA Valley College; this time defeating the Orange County Legends 6-3 score.

The Bucs came out firing on all cylinders showing some power offense and some strong pitching performances. The Bucs' pitching was as good as it gets, although they gave up three runs, they only gave up five hits in nine innings pitched.

The Bucs’s hitting also showed off some power collecting a total of fourteen hits over eight innings. This included a five-hit eighth inning that gave the Bucs two extra insurance runs.

The Bucs’s player of the game was Center Fielder Kai Moran who went 2 for 4 with a triple knocking in two runs and a single. When asked about his team’s performance he stated “I think we hit, we've been hitting the ball well, that’s something we’ve been doing all year”. He went on to credit the pitching staff stating how well they did.

That was a common theme around the dugout, when asked about his team’s performance Associate Coach Evan O’Meara stated the team “exploded at the plate today and the pitchers did their jobs”. He continued to praise the pitcher’s performance today talking about how well these guys are pitching especially with the few pitchers the Bucs have.

The SBL Bucs will play the Phillipines National Team at Los Angeles Valley College on Tuesday June 28, 2022 at 4:30 PM.

Sidney Stern

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