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VC Bucs Showcase Talent at SBL All-Star Game

A right handed batter in a grey jersey begins to step out of the box as he finishes his swing.
Trent Turquand swings at the SBL All Start Game at Cypress College July 13, 2022. Photo by Maddy Whiting

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, six members of the SBL Bucs team played in the Sunset Baseball League’s All-Star team at Cypress College. Outfielder Kai Moran, infielders Rowan Teran and Aaron Ruvalcaba, catchers Domenik Cervantes and Trent Turquand, and pitcher Jameson Johnstone.

Center fielder Kai Moran was also selected to play in the Home Run Derby. When asked about being invited to the Home Run Derby he said “it was a really great experience, and I am just happy to be here.”

Three players on the Bucs started, center fielder Kai Moran who had an RBI single, Trent Turquand who caught, and Domenik Cervantes who was the extra hitter. Rowan Teran came in the middle game and got an RBI Double.

The SBL Bucs players were a part of the National League who lost to the American League team 9-5.

Sidney Stern


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