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We Welcome Another Intern to our Pirates Family

Hello everyone, my name is Justin Borses and I am incredibly excited to be joining the Pirate broadcast team! I have served as a play-by-play and color commentator for Moorpark College for the last four years. Over the course of that time, I am grateful to have witnessed some incredible moments. Our women’s basketball team is currently a three-time reigning, defending league champion. One of the most important things I value includes the incredible privilege of being able to hear the roar of a crowd. Immortalizing those moments in sports at any level is why I love my job. I want people to look back on those memories saying the classic phrase… “I remember where I was when.” Among my other passions, disability advocacy is very dear to me. I live with Cerebral Palsy and it’s important for me to represent the community on and off camera. I am part of Respectability, an organization that advocates for disability rights. I am thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to give you the fans an exciting broadcast!


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