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Ventura County Pirates

  • D1 players (including those with red-shirt status and/or high school graduating senior with a D1 commitment specifically placed by their college coach)

  • D2 with 1 or 2 years’ experience and significant playing time or placed by college coach.

  • Any 4-year college player with impactful statistics.

  • JC Sophomores (starters with significant playing time or impactful statistics) transitioning to 4-yr colleges.

  • Players returning from the 2022 VC Pirates team. 

Ventura County Bucs/Pro-Am Summer Collegiate League

  • 4-year college players (any level) with some playing time or red-shirt status. 

  • JC players, sophomores or freshmen, with significant playing time at their school.

  • Graduating high school seniors going on to a 4-year college (any level).

  • Players returning from the 2022 VC Bucs team. 


Ventura County Bucs/Golden Coast Collegiate League Team

  • Any 4-year college player returning from an injury that resulted in a medical red-shirt or limited playing time.

  • College players, returning to baseball after time off, with remaining college eligibility.

  • Players that played on their college club team which competes in the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA)

  • JC covid-freshmen who have not played at their JC due to season cancellations.

  • Graduating high school seniors going on to a Junior College.

  • High School juniors, going to their senior year in the Fall, who are starters, with impactful statistics and a strong recommendation from their coach.


  • Each of the qualifications criteria above are listed in the order of priority by which each of those team rosters will be filled. It is possible that a roster could be filled by players within the first couple of qualifications criteria for each team, thus not leaving roster spots for players further down on the priority list for each team. In that event, those players would be offered a roster spot on the next team.

  • Players placed by Division 1 and Division 2 coaches will be accorded roster priority.

  • Players with a strong recommendation from an MLB Scout and/or their current coach may be considered for a level higher than where these qualifications would place them. 

  • Performance during the Tryout Intersquads may be considered for placement on a level higher than where the qualifications above place them.

  • Performance early during the summer season may result in roster movement, either a level up or down accordingly.

  • The player/team qualifications above are guidelines. The GM and coaching staff reserve the right to make the final decision regarding roster assignments based on the roster/position needs of each team and skill level of the player(s) in question.

​​2023 TEAM FEES



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