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Ventura County Pirates Alumni
signed by MLB teams:

Easton Lucas

Miami Marlins
14th Round - 2019

Shea Barry

Houston Astros
22nd Round - 2019

Cole Kleszcz

New York Mets
33rd Round - 2019

Tommy Wilson

New York Mets
19th Round - 2018

Harrison Simon

San Diego Padres
24th Round - 2017

David Metzgar

New York Yankees
Free Agent - 2017

Coach George is a coach who has a teacher's heart, and he adds to that the eye of an experienced scout. He can help you learn to use your mental approach to sharpen your game play and physical skills. He also gives you the freedom to test your abilities and hone your instincts to guide you into becoming a more complete baseball player...Maybe for a couple of you reading this, George will reignite that competitive fire and remind you of why you love the game.

 Dan Huston 

Major League Baseball Scout, 30+ years - retired  

Icezack Flemming

New York Yankees
26th Round - 2015

Mylz Jones 

Colorado Rockies
13th Round - 2015

Brandon Polizzi

Toronto Blue Jays
35th Round - 2017

Adrian Spitz

Oakland Athletics
Free Agent - 2017

Fernando Gallegos

Chicago White Sox
Free Agent-2016

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