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Former VC Buccaneer Goes Yard in First NAIA At-Bat

Former Ventura County Buccaneer Gedeon Ellis hit a home run in his first four-year college at bat on September 23rd 2020 while playing for NAIA Valley City State University in North Dakota.

“I did not expect to be playing in North Dakota, and when I first got the text from the coach I was a little hesitant” Ellis said, “But then once I decided to come here and the field was really nice and I homered in my first at bat and it kinda made everything worth it.”

Ellis, a hitter who describes himself as someone who “definitely tries to hit for average” credits coaches within the Ventura County Pirates organization for helping him develop power in his swing. He specifically credited Bucs Associate head coach Evan O’Meara and hitting coach Scott Egan, who splits his time between the Pirates and Bucs, for helping him develop rhythm at the plate.

“They were just teaching me about weight transfer, so hey had me just doing this toe tap thing that really helped me understand how my pose works,” Ellis said. “I’ve still kept that to this day.”

Ellis is balancing career opportunities associated with his University in North Dakota with his desire to play this summer for the Ventura County Pirates, but he hopes that he can make his way back to the organization this summer.

“I would definitely swing in that direction [of playing for the Pirates] more so than I wouldn’t, Ellis said.”

In the most recent Bucs season (2019) Ellis was second on the team with a .474 on-base-percentage. He batted .322 with 19 base hits including three doubles while scoring 14 runs in 23 games played.

Aside from the home run, Ellis was also hit by the pitch and singled in his first scrimmage with Valley City State University.

Valley State University begins its season on March 6th.


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