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SBL Bucs’ Position-Player Keller Stems Cage Rats Rally

A right handed pitcher crosses his left leg over his right while balancing on one leg. His hands meet inside his glove and he looks towards home plate and starts his throwing motion. He wears a red hat, grey jersey, and silver pants. The "Ventura" on his chest is obscured by his amber glove
Bucs position player Thomas Keller pitches en route to his first save against the California Cage Rats at Claremont High School June 14, 2022. Photo by Izzy De Souza

The SBL Bucs (3-1, 3-0 Sunset Baseball League) took another win against the California Cage Rats on Tuesday June 14, 2022 with a score of 10-8.The SBL contest ended after 8 innings due to imminent darkness.

The Bucs offense was on a tear, getting an early 10-2 lead with starting pitcher Nate Burke (1-0) showing off his good stuff and throwing four innings giving up only two runs en route to the win..

Third baseman and, in this game, pitcher Thomas Keller (1) emerged as the player of the game. He racked up his first save in the first time he has pitched in several years, Throwing a scoreless 8th and final inning.

The next great two way player?? Maybe.

Keller showed up his glove making some pretty clutch plays and his bat going 1 for 2 for the day for his third hit in two days. He also showed off some fun base running during the game. When asked about his approach at the plate he stated that he was just trying to get on top of the ball, which he successfully did.

“Today is an example of using your whole team to get a win,” Bucs associate head coach Bobby Livingston said. “Thomas Keller stepped up and closed things out for us.”

An issue that the Bucs faced today was only having two pitchers available. Bucs LHP Ian Nord ate up three innings after pitching 5 against the Cage Rats earlier in the week allowing the Bucs to bring in Keller for just a single inning.

“We showed up with 2 rostered pitchers and got a win. Gotta love it,” Livingston said.

Sidney Stern


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