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Ventura County Pirates Thrash SoCal Jays in Season Opener

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Friday, June 2, 2023 - The Ventura County Pirates made a powerful statement in their season opener as they faced off against the SoCal Jays at Los Angeles Valley College. The Pirates showcased their dominance, delivering a resounding victory that left the Jays struggling to keep up. The final score was 19-4, with the Pirates emerging as clear winners.

From the beginning, it was evident that the Pirates meant business. They wasted no time, scoring five runs in the first inning while the Jays managed only one in response. The Pirates continued to pile on runs, scoring in every inning except the 2nd and 4th. Their most productive inning came in the sixth when they added six runs to their total.

Catcher Andrew Buglino was the standout performer of the game, delivering a remarkable three-run home run over the left-center wall in the bottom of the 7th inning. Buglino's performance earned him the title of player of the game. Another notable Pirate was Quintt Landis, who finished 3-for-3 at the plate, including a double and three RBIs. Landis also showcased his speed on the bases, stealing a base. Buglino finished the day with a team-high five RBIs, adding to the Pirates' offensive onslaught.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, the Pirates ignited a scoring frenzy, tallying six runs on six consecutive at-bats. The team's powerful hitting and strategic baserunning kept the Jays on their toes throughout the game.

Pitcher JP Caire stood out on the mound for the Pirates, earning the win. He pitched 2 innings, facing 11 batters while allowing only 3 hits and no runs. Caire demonstrated excellent control, striking out two batters and catching a runner while stealing. His strong performance contributed to the Pirates' overall dominance.

The Pirates displayed a cohesive team dynamic, utilizing five pitchers throughout the game, with most pitching around 1 inning. The team took advantage of their substantial lead to experiment with different lineup configurations, showcasing their versatility and depth.

Although the hits for both teams were relatively close, with the Pirates leading 17-12, the run differential was substantial. The Pirates scored 19 runs against the Jays' 4. The Jays struggled to capitalize on scoring opportunities and left too many runners on base. They were unable to overcome the Pirates' strong defense and high-powered offense.

Pirates players were thrilled with the dominating performance. Catcher Andrew Buglino shared his plans for celebrating the win, saying, "I'm going to go home to my two pugs and my girlfriend. I think there is a little chicken in the fridge tonight. I will probably make some chicken, and we are watching The Ultimatum so that will be fun. It's going to be a good night."

With this convincing victory, the Pirates kick-start their summer season in style. Their next challenge awaits them as they prepare to face the SoCal Mavs on Sunday, June 4th, at 4 pm. This will be held at Los Angeles Valley College. Fans can expect another exciting matchup as the Pirates look to maintain their winning momentum.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Ventura County Pirates' journey and follow their progress throughout the season by watching gameday broadcasts on Youtube or following us on social media - Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Box Score SoCal Jays vs VC Pirates Jun-2-2023
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Scorebook SoCal Jays vs VC Pirates Jun-2-2023 (1)
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