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Pirates Play Police in Friendly Match

Pirates shortstop Brendon Vela hits a double against the LAPD Centurions

The Ventura County Pirates defeated the Los Angeles Police Department Centurions,

17-1, at Bishop Canyon Field in Los Angeles Tuesday in an exhibition match which highlighted the interconnectedness between baseball, law enforcement, and the community.

Ventura County fielded players from both of its teams, the Sunset Baseball League Pirates and the Buccaneers of the Golden Coast Collegiate League, against the LAPD. The Centurions were comprised of officers from multiple divisions of Los Angeles law enforcement. N.J. Hunter and Cody Haley of the Buccaneers joined the LAPD team, further integrating notions of community into the game.

Seven different Pirates earned three hits in the seven inning game. Shortstop Brendon Vela reached base five times, scored three runs, launched a double, and drove in two. Left fielder Nick Henry reached first base four times but matched Vela’s other numbers.

Pirates’ pitchers were 3-3 with a walk not including contributions from players who typically pitch but played the field on Tuesday. Right fielder Cody Haley, normally a pitcher, punched two singles through the infield for the Centurions. N.J. Hunter, who also pitches for the Buccaneers, added a single and a walk for the LAPD.

RHP Shohei Umeki was 1-1 with a walk in the batters box and earned the win on the mound for the Pirates.

Ventura County finished the summer with a SBL Championship and a 34-10 overall record, not including the game against the Centurions.


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