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Pro-Am Buccaneers Set Sail for Fairbanks: An Alaska Adventure

The Pro-Am Buccaneers embark on an exciting journey on Sunday July 16th as seven of their top players prepare to join the Pro-Am League Team in Fairbanks, Alaska. This four-day, four-game series against the Alaska Goldpanners promises to be a thrilling test of skill, teamwork, and resilience. Let's meet the talented individuals who will proudly represent the Buccaneers on this epic Alaskan adventure.

  1. Brodie Romero - Second Base/Third Base: Brodie Romero, a key player on the Buccaneers' roster, brings his exceptional skills to the diamond as a versatile second baseman and third baseman. With impressive hitting stats, including a .436 batting average, 24 hits, 4 home runs, and 17 RBIs, Romero is poised to make a significant impact during the series.

  2. Zach Mora - Shortstop/Right-hand Pitcher: Freshman Zach Mora, from Westmont College, is a rising star on both defense and offense. As a shortstop and right-hand pitcher, Mora's presence will be felt throughout the series. With a solid .333 batting average, he adds stability and versatility to the team's lineup.

  3. Andrew Sharp - Outfielder/First Baseman: Andrew Sharp, a skilled outfielder and first baseman, stands tall at 6'0". His contributions to the team extend beyond his .325 batting average. With 3 home runs and 13 RBIs, Sharp brings power and reliability to the Buccaneers' offensive game.

  4. Alex Olvera - Catcher/Third Baseman: Alex Olvera, a freshman at CSU Monterey Bay, is known for his defensive prowess as a catcher and third baseman. With a .300 batting average, Olvera's consistent hitting and strong defensive skills make him a valuable asset to the team's success.

  5. Steven Murray - Middle Infielder/Outfielder: Steven Murray's speed and agility as a switch-hitting middle infielder and outfielder make him a force to be reckoned with on the base paths. With a .295 batting average and 11 stolen bases, Murray brings excitement and game-changing potential to the Buccaneers' lineup.

  6. Moses Escobedo - Right-hand Pitcher: Towering at 6'3", Moses Escobedo dominates the mound with his powerful right arm. A freshman at CSU Los Angeles, Escobedo has already recorded an impressive team-high 31 strikeouts. His commanding presence on the mound will be vital to the Buccaneers' success in Fairbanks.

  7. Matt Leiterman - Second Baseman/Right-hand Pitcher: Matt Leiterman, hailing from Ohlone College, brings versatility to the Pro-Am Buccaneers. As a second baseman and right-hand pitcher, Leiterman's contributions extend to defense and pitching. It is his dedication and tenacity that make him an invaluable asset in this road trip series.

With their bags packed and their sights set on Fairbanks, Alaska, these seven standout players from the Pro-Am Buccaneers are ready to represent their team and make their mark against the Alaska Goldpanners. As they embark on this four-day adventure, the Buccaneers are poised to showcase their talent, determination, and passion for the game. Stay tuned for updates on their thrilling journey and the excitement that unfolds during the intense battles in the Alaskan wilderness.


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