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Pro-Am Bucs Dominate SoCal Sliders in a Gargantuan Victory

On Tuesday, June 13th, at El Camino College, the Pro-Am Bucs clashed with the SoCal Sliders in a highly anticipated game. The Bucs, coming off a split doubleheader against the OC Legends, were determined to regain winning momentum. In an awe-inspiring display of skill and teamwork, the Pro-Am Bucs took command of the game, winning 12-1.

The Pro-Am Bucs wasted no time asserting their control, erupting with a four-run outburst in the first inning. They continued their offensive onslaught in the second inning, adding another four runs to their tally. The Sliders struggled to contain the Bucs' relentless attack. Unable to match the Bucs' scoring frenzy, the Sliders scored only one run in the third inning of the game. Despite the Sliders' efforts, the game was called after seven innings due to the Bucs' gargantuan 12-1 lead.

Troy May, the Bucs' first baseman, delivered an exceptional performance at the plate. May recorded a game-high three hits, driving in three runs and crossing the plate twice himself. His offensive proficiency was on full display, including a powerful double that contributed to the team's offensive surge. Another standout performer was outfielder Elvis Park, who showcased his hitting ability with two hits, three RBIs, and one run scored. Additionally, third baseman Brodie Romero's impactful contributions cannot be overlooked. Romero drove in two RBIs, scored two runs, and demonstrated remarkable discipline with a well-timed walk.

The Bucs' pitching staff played a crucial role in the victory, displaying remarkable composure and efficiency on the mound. Jonathan Peric, the winning pitcher, delivered a solid three-inning performance. Peric struck out two batters, yielded only one run on three hits, and maintained control with three walks. Noah Onoye and Josh Dipietro contributed to the team's success as well, combining for four innings of reliable pitching.

The Pro-Am Bucs showcased their offensive firepower, tallying an impressive 13 hits and 12 runs throughout the game. Their aggressive base-running strategy paid dividends, with six stolen bases adding pressure to the Sliders' defense. The Bucs capitalized on scoring opportunities, recording 12 RBIs. Defensively, the team displayed exceptional cohesion, holding the Sliders to just five hits and limiting their scoring chances.

Following this resounding victory, the Pro-Am Bucs improved their season record to 6-1. The team's consistent performance and remarkable resilience highlight their potential for a successful season.

The Pro-Am Bucs delivered a masterclass in teamwork, offensive prowess, and defensive excellence, humiliating the SoCal Sliders in their 12-1 victory. With their exemplary display, the Bucs have solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with in the league. As the season progresses, fans can eagerly anticipate more compelling matchups as the Pro-Am Bucs strive to maintain their winning ways.

Stay tuned for their upcoming game against the Philippines team at Pierce College on Wednesday, June 14th at 4 pm, as the Bucs continue to dominate on their quest for a victorious season.


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Box Score Pro-Am Bucs vs. Sliders June13
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