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Pro-Am Bucs Split Doubleheader against OC Legends, Rally in Game 1 and Fall Short in Game 2

A Pro-Am Bucs baseball player from Ventura County standing at the plate with a bat, ready to hit the ball.
A Pro-Am Bucs baseball player, representing Ventura County, stands confidently at the plate, gripping the bat with determination. He wears the team's jersey and a helmet, showcasing his allegiance to the Bucs during their game against the OC Legends Sunday, June 11, 2023.(Photo/Maddy Considine)

The Pro-Am Bucs and the OC Legends faced off in an exciting doubleheader on Sunday, June 11th, at Long Beach City College. The Bucs, boasting a flawless 4-0 record, entered the game with high hopes after their recent 4-3 victory over the SoCal Sliders.

Game 1: Bucs 7, Legends 5

The first game of the doubleheader proved to be a thriller, with the Pro-Am Bucs emerging victorious 7-5. The Bucs started slowly, struggling to find their rhythm in the early innings. Despite trailing 3-0 in the fifth inning, the Bucs staged an impressive comeback to take the lead. They quickly turned the tide in the sixth inning when they scored five runs, rallying their offense and taking a lead they would not relinquish. This impressive comeback showcased the Bucs' ability to rise to the occasion and deliver under pressure.

Brodie Romero was a standout performer in Game 1, delivering a strong contribution at the plate. With two hits, a run scored, and an RBI, Romero played a big role in the Bucs' offensive surge. Another key contributor was Carson Panarisi, who blasted a crucial double to ignite the team's momentum. On the pitching front, Moses Escobedo and Matthew Leiterman combined their efforts, displaying solid command and strategic pitching. Moses Escobedo pitched five innings, earning two strikeouts but giving up eight hits and three runs. Matthew Leiterman delivered a strong performance, recording four strikeouts and allowing two runs on no hits in his two innings on the mound. The Bucs' ability to hold on to their lead in the seventh secured the victory.

Notable statistics: the Bucs had five batters hit by pitches, and left eight runners on base. In contrast, the OC Legends left nine. Additionally, four players stole bases for the Bucs, showcasing their aggressive base-running style.

Game 2: Legends 5, Bucs 1

After a hard-fought victory in the first game, the Bucs looked to carry their winning momentum into the second game of the doubleheader. However, they faced a formidable challenge from the determined OC Legends. Unfortunately, the Bucs couldn't replicate their earlier success and fell short with a 1-5 final score.

The Legends took control early in the game, establishing a 3-0 lead in the third inning and extending it to 5-0 in the fifth. Although the Bucs' bullpen prevented any further runs, the team struggled to generate offensive firepower, scoring only one run in the eighth inning. The Legends capitalized on the Bucs' defensive miscues, exploiting three errors committed by the Pro-Am Bucs throughout the game.

The Pro-Am Bucs' split doubleheader against the OC Legends provided intense moments, heated competition, and valuable lessons for the team. The Bucs' ability to rally in Game 1 demonstrated their unyielding and persistent nature, while the second game served as a reminder of the challenges they must overcome. As the season progresses, the Bucs will focus on refining their strategies, tightening their defense, and maximizing their offensive potential.

Despite the loss in the second game, the Pro-Am Bucs' overall performance in the doubleheader highlighted their potential and grit. With a 5-1 record, they remain a formidable force in the league. The team now looks ahead to their upcoming matchup against the SoCal Sliders on Tuesday, June 13th, at El Camino College. The Bucs are determined to learn from their experiences and bounce back stronger

Stay tuned for more updates on the Pro-Am Bucs' journey as they navigate the exciting world.


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Game 1 Box Score Pro-Am Bucs Vs OC Legends June 11
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Game 1 Scorebook Pro-Am Bucs Vs OC Legends June11
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Game 2 Box Score Pro-Am Bucs Vs OC Legends June11
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Game 2 Scorebook Pro-Am Bucs Vs OC Legends June11
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