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Bucs Extend Win Streak: Pro-Am Defeat Redbirds 7-3

Thursday, June 29th, 4:30 pm - El Camino College

The Pro-Am Bucs faced off against the Redbirds in an exciting matchup at El Camino College on Thursday, June 29th at 4:30 pm. With a 13-5 record and a two-game winning streak against the OC Legends, the Bucs entered the game looking to maintain their winning momentum.

The game concluded with a 7-3 final score, favoring the Pro-Am Bucs. The team showcased exceptional performances from key players, contributing to their victory on the field.

Carson Panarisi had an outstanding game, scoring one run, collecting two hits, and driving in two runs, including an impressive double. Tucker Panarisi also played a crucial role, scoring two runs and contributing one hit while displaying patience at the plate with a walk. Additionally, Zach Mora delivered a strong performance with two hits and two RBIs, while Matthew Leiterman added one hit and two RBIs.

On the pitching front, Moses Escobedo took the mound for the Bucs and pitched five innings. He allowed five hits and three earned runs, striking out six batters while walking three. Joshua Doyle also played a significant role, pitching four innings without allowing a run, surrendering only two hits, and striking out six batters. He gave up five walks during his time on the mound.

The Bucs relied heavily on Moses Escobedo and Joshua Doyle to hold down the mound and deliver solid performances. Their contributions were crucial to the team's success, as they were the only two pitchers used throughout the game. The Bucs' confidence in Escobedo and Doyle to handle pitching duties from start to finish speaks to their skill and reliability. Their ability to go the distance and control the game is a testament to their talent and the trust placed in them by the coaching staff.

The game witnessed some memorable moments, including solid hitting from the Bucs' lineup. Four players recorded doubles, displaying their power at the plate. Furthermore, the Bucs' aggressive base-running resulted in five stolen bases, adding to their offensive dominance against the Redbirds.

The game unfolded with the Bucs taking an early lead by scoring in the second inning. Building on their advantage, they added four more runs in the fourth inning. Although the Redbirds fought back with three runs in the same inning, the Bucs responded with resilience, preventing further scoring from their opponents. The Bucs added one run each in the seventh and ninth innings, securing their victory 7-3. The team's ability to maintain composure and execute their game plan proved pivotal in their triumph.

With this win, the Pro-Am Bucs improved their season record to 14-5, wrapping up June on a positive note with a three-game winning streak after defeating the Redbirds.

Looking ahead, the Pro-Am Bucs will face the Redbirds again on Saturday, July 1st at 11 am, this time at Los Angeles Valley College. The Bucs aim to continue their winning ways and solidify their league position.

As the Pro-Am Bucs celebrate their well-deserved victory, they are focused on carrying their positive momentum into future games. The team's dedication and determination are evident in their performances, and they aim to leave a lasting impression in the summer league.


Box Score Pro-Am Bucs vs Redbirds june29
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