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Pro-Am Bucs Plunder OC Legends in Back-to-Back Series Victories

The Pro-Am Bucs clashed with the OC Legends in an intense series at Los Angeles Valley College. The first game took place on Monday, June 26th, while the second game followed on Tuesday, June 27th. With the Bucs boasting an 11-5 record, both teams were hungry for a decisive series win after splitting their previous encounters.

Game 1 6/26/23

The Pro-Am Bucs kicked off the series with a thrilling victory against the OC Legends, winning 3-4. The game started in favor of the Legends, who scored two runs in the 3rd inning to take an early lead. However, the Bucs showed their resilience, responding with a run in the 5th inning to narrow the gap.

In the 8th inning, the Legends added another run, bringing the score to 3-1 in their favor. It seemed like the Bucs were running out of time, but they mounted an impressive comeback in the bottom of the 9th inning. With clutch hits and smart base-running, the Bucs scored three runs to snatch the victory from the jaws of defeat.

Brodie Romero emerged as a standout performer for the Bucs, delivering a run, a hit, and two RBIs, including a powerful home run. His contributions played a pivotal role in the Bucs' comeback. Another notable performance came from Alexander Olvera, who recorded two hits and an RBI.

Jonathan Peric showcased his pitching skills for the Pro-Am Bucs. He pitched five solid innings, surrendering only three hits and two runs, none earned. Peric also displayed excellent command, striking out six batters while walking three. Noah Onoye took over in relief, pitching four innings and allowing just one run on six hits.

The game featured a tight battle, as both teams displayed strong performances. The Bucs finished the game with four runs on ten hits, while the Legends managed three runs on nine hits. Each team committed one error during the contest. The slight edge in hits lent the Bucs' team more opportunities to score resulting in a win for the Bucs in the first game of the series.

Game 2 6/27/23

The second game of the series between the Pro-Am Bucs and the OC Legends resulted in another victory for the Bucs, with a final score of 10-4. The Bucs wasted no time, unleashing a relentless offensive onslaught in the early innings.

In the first inning, the Bucs exploded for six runs, setting the tone for the game. They followed up with three more runs in the second inning, further extending their lead to 9-0. The Bucs added another run in the third inning, bringing the score to 10-0 after only three innings of play.

While the Legends scored a run in the fourth and sixth innings, they couldn't match the Bucs' offensive firepower. The Legends made a late push, adding two more runs in the eighth inning. However, it was too little, too late for the Legends to stage a comeback.

Rider Gordon had a standout performance for the Bucs, contributing two runs, three hits, and two RBIs, including a double. Brodie Romero continued his impressive display, recording two runs, two hits, three RBIs, and a walk. Romero's outstanding performance included another home run, marking back-to-back homers against the OC Legends in the series.

On the pitching side, Hunter Zanki delivered a solid outing for the Bucs. He pitched four innings allowing four hits, one run, and two walks. He displayed excellent control, striking out five batters. Brodie Romero also provided valuable support on the mound, throwing two innings and giving up two hits, one run, and one walk. He struck out one during his time as a pitcher.

The Bucs' offensive explosion resulted in 10 runs on 11 hits and nine RBIs. The team's bats were on fire, leading them to a convincing victory over the Legends.

With back-to-back victories, the Pro-Am Bucs won the series against the OC Legends. Their combined offensive prowess, strong pitching performances, and resiliency paved the way for a comprehensive series victory.

The series win had a significant impact on the Pro-Am Bucs' standings, bolstering their record to 13-5 on the season. The victories solidified their position in the league standings and boosted their confidence heading into future games.

The Pro-Am Bucs dominated the OC Legends, winning both games in the series. As they prepare for their upcoming game against the Redbirds on Thursday, June 29th, at 4:30 pm, fans can look forward to more exciting baseball action. Stay tuned for further updates and support your favorite team throughout the season.


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Box Score Game 1 Pro-Am Bucs vs OC Legends June 26
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Box Score Game 2 Pro-Am Bucs vs OC Legends June 27
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