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Ventura County Pirates Blank Philippines Team in 12-0 Victory

Date: Wednesday, June 15th, 4 pm Location: Pierce College

In a commanding display of skill and teamwork, the Ventura County Pirates cruised to a resounding 12-0 victory over the Philippines Team on Wednesday, June 15th. The Pirates showcased their offensive firepower, shut down opposing hitters, and secured their eighth win of the season.

The Pirates entered the game with a 7-1 record, and their determination to maintain their winning streak was evident from the start. Led by a stellar pitching performance and an explosive offensive display, they left their opponents struggling to keep up.

The Pirates' batting lineup was on fire, with several players delivering standout performances. Omar Cisneros, Quintt Landis, Jackson Benattar, and Sean Mann all contributed with two hits each. Cisneros led the charge with a single, double, RBI, and two runs scored. Benattar displayed his quickness and agility, stealing two bases and scoring a run. Quintt Landis provided a combination of power and speed, stealing two bases and driving in two runs with a single and a double. Aidan Jbarra made a significant impact at the plate, delivering a double that drove in two runs and solidified his game-high total of 3 RBIs.

Sean Mann shone at the plate with a single and a remarkable two-run home run in the 7th inning. Reflecting on his performance, Mann expressed his confidence, stating, "I'm feeling like I'm only one swing away all the time. Even if I swing and miss or I'm behind the count, I'm only one swing away from doing damage." Mann's brilliance extended beyond the plate as he seized the opportunity to pitch and earned the win for the team. He noted, "I've been trying to get on the mound, and finally George gave me a chance, and I wasn't going to let him take me out. I was feeling good, even though we have other guys. He trusted me in the spot, and I'm really happy for that." With a resilient mindset, Mann concluded, "If I get the rock, I'll do what I can."

Notably, the Ventura County Pirates displayed their collective strength as a team, racking up remarkable statistics throughout the game. The Pirates recorded 12 runs on 15 hits, with 11 out of 14 players on the roster contributing a hit. Every player got an opportunity to bat, further demonstrating their lineup depth and effectiveness.

The team's bullpen was equally dominant, as five pitchers combined to deliver a shutout, allowing no runs throughout the game. The Pirates' bullpen showcased their talent, amassing 10 strikeouts. Their remarkable defensive efforts left the Philippines Team scoreless and limited them to two hits. The Pirates' statistics testify to their overall team performance and bode well for their future.

The game was filled with thrilling moments that underscored the Pirates' dominant play. In the 7th inning, Sean Mann smashed a colossal home run over the left-field wall. This was his second home run in three games and his third of the season. The Pirates' defense also played a crucial role, with an outstanding double play in the bottom of the 7th. Second baseman Quintt Landis made a play on a hard-hit ground ball and quickly flipped the ball to shortstop Artin Biageyian. He then completed the double play by throwing to first baseman Jesse Gadd just in time to get the out.

The Pirates' pitching staff was exceptional, combining their talents to deliver a shutout victory. Sean Mann earned the win on the mound, throwing three innings, striking out two batters, and not allowing a run. Aiden Melendrez played a vital role, pitching two scoreless innings and striking out one batter. Yuji Sakane and Walter Quinn both recorded three strikeouts over their respective two and one innings apiece. Jake Schwartz rounded out the team's efforts with a solid inning and one strikeout.The Pirates' pitchers efficiently retired three consecutive batters in multiple innings, maintaining a commanding presence on the mound.

With this victory, the Pirates extended their record to 8-1 on the season. Their collective performance was outstanding in all aspects of the game, from stellar pitching to explosive hitting and outstanding defense.

Looking ahead, the Pirates are gearing up for a doubleheader against the Grind on Saturday, June 17th, at Los Angeles Valley College.


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Box Score VC Pirates vs. Philippines team
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Scorebook VC Pirates vs Philippines Team
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